Mar-Pêche Lake, France

The lovely, 25-acre Mar-Pêche, originally named Lac du Martin-Pêcheur, lies in the valley of the famous river Yonne, near Montereau only 3½ hours drive from the ports of Calais, Boulogne and Dunkerque. The lake is less than 10 minutes from the A5 auto-route.

Virtually everyone that visits Mar-Pêche remarks on how comfortable the place is. The gently sloping, grass swims with large amounts of space behind each fishing area offer what can only be described as ‘sheer comfort’.

There is ample room in every swim to erect the largest of bivvies, to park your car and spread out your tackle. This, combined with a maximum of 10 anglers on the whole lake, ensures there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Mar Peche lake map

On three banks you will see the customary rows of French poplars, far enough away from the water to allow comfortable casting, yet close enough to offer good shade in mid-summer. The shorter west bank, on which there are no swims, has been allowed to grow more naturally and borders Lac Cachette, where you can sample the action of this wild, overgrown lake, heavily stocked with doubles, 20’s and the occasional 30.

The lake holds about 160 carp with 95% being between 30 and 70 pounds (14-32kg). More than 35 DIFFERENT 50’s and NINE DIFFERENT 60’s were caught in 2007. The majority of stock are very young with many fish growing up to an incredible 10 pounds per year! The current lake record, caught in November 2007, stands at 70.4.

There is a small head of catfish and the average size is about 50lbs with a sprinkling of 100lb plus fish, including a 160 pound er landed by Kevin Cornelius in September 2008.

Mar-Pêche is a family-owned venue run by Kevin and Anita Maddocks. There are no silly rules, unlike many French waters! The water is private and therefore no licenses are required. You can use 4 rods, there are no tackle restrictions, no bait bans and you can sack your fish. A well-run fishery, with sensible rules goes a long way to ensuring that you enjoy your visit.

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