We are a team of dedicated angling guides each with over 20 years experience in fishing, and we feel that we are pretty good at it too. We strive to make it our goal to provide you with some of the best fishing holidays we can find worldwide.

Whether it’s France, Spain, Egypt, Wales or any one of a number of other countries currently under development, we are constantly carrying out research trips, with our dedicated recce team who help us in searching out new destinations, in a never-ending quest to help you, our clients, to catch a new personal best. Unlike some of the other companies we will not move on to a new destination until we get it right.

Yes it’s fun for us! Yes we enjoy ourselves! Yes we just can’t seem to stop helping our customers catch fish, but that’s why we chose this way of life.

We are always available to answer your questions either by email or by phone, just call us, that’s what we are here for.