Adventure Fishing Holidays group in EgyptThe company was set up in 1998 under the name “AA Carp Tours” by Paul Grothier, who rapidly built a client base from word of mouth, and a reputation for high quality guided French fishing adventures.

In our second year we passed over 100 client through our books, with 75% re-booking for the following year – this speaks for itself.

In 2005 we changed the company name to “Lake Escapes Ltd”, and helped in the filming of the Matt Hayes TV series of the same name, this was to be our stepping stone to launch into new destinations. Shortly after this, we decided to expand our operations into Spain, fishing for the legendary monster catfish on the Ebro River. This was to be a great success producing some great result, with every single person that went with us smashing the 100lb barrier.

In 2008 we decided to go worldwide and expand our operations to the furthest corners of the globe, in search of true fishing adventure. We also re-branded ourselves again, as Adventure Fishing Holidays, to offer holidays that we know will make us the best in the business. We are running our holidays in just the same way that gave us such a great name over the years.

Adventure Fishing Holidays vehiclePaul has now assembled a team of highly experienced guides to push Adventure Fishing Holidays forward, including, Kevin, Pete, Paul, Peter and Stuart, each of whom shares Paul’s passion for fishing, adventure and travelling, which we are sure in time will help to drive this company to the top. In our drive to be the best we have assembled a recce team, who’s job it is to go to new destination for the first time, ironing out any problem we may come across on the way, to insure that the customer has an unforgettable experience. We are always looking for new destinations, so watch out for new and exciting fishing opportunities coming soon.

We pride ourselves on getting it right, and only offer new destination that live up to the high standards we set ourselves.

This short introduction to our company is merely a starting point, our story as a company has only just begun and we really hope you can join us for the ride.