Egypt has that mystical and timeless appeal that has been attracting travellers from far and wide for many centuries. From the fascinating sights of the Pharaohs on the banks of the Nile at Luxor to the Great Pyramids in Cairo, the only surviving monument of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World”.

Lake Nasser is a vast reservoir in the southern part of the country that stretches down into northern Sudan which was created as a result of the construction of the Aswan High Dam across the waters of the river Nile between 1958 and 1970.

The lake is approximately 550 km long and 35 km across at its widest point and its shores hold an impressive variety of birds, mammals, and reptiles. Over 100 species of birds have been recorded: Wild Duck, Egyptian Geese, Pelicans, Herons, Egrets and various species of Hawks, Kites, Falcons and Eagles will be among the birds seen. Crocodiles and Monitor Lizards, Jackals, Desert Fox, and various smaller desert mammals, may also be seen whilst on your trip as you have hundreds of square miles to just yourself.

Lake Nasser has arguably the best freshwater fishing in the world with 32 different species of fish to be found, with the hard fighting Nile Perch and Tiger Fish the main two targeted. There are also several species of Catfish to be caught including the legendary giant Vundu which can grow to very large sizes. There are also two species of Tilapia to be caught from the lake that give a good account of themselves on a fly rod, and not forgetting the amazing puffer fish that just have to be seen to be believed.

Overall lake Nasser offers some of the best fishing, scenery and weather that any fishing holiday can offer.

Holidays in Egypt

Nile Perch Fishing Adventure

Nile Perch Adventure

Your Nile Perch adventure explodes into life practically the moment you set sail. Trolling for these powerful and legendary fish begins within hours of your arrival. With the scorching Egyptian sun beating down you most certainly know that you have done battle with one of the world's most powerful fish.