France is an ideal setting to experience all that nature has to offer. The French countryside, wine, cuisine and laid back way of life attract people from all over the world. Many are drawn to the country by the romance of Paris, and the lush rolling pastures, cows grazing among the orchards…France almost shouts ‘slow down’ at the visitor – if it was ever to shout anything.  Despite an annual tourist invasion every year most of the contry remains largely untouched – an unspoilt paradise.

France has for many years now been the centre of European carp fishing, offering world renowned venues, with carp of over 80lbs, coupled with the atmosphere that only French carp fishing can offer. We offer group, guided fishing holidays to various carefully selected fishing venues in France.

Holidays in France

Lake Escapes Fishing Adventure

Lake Escapes

Our Lake Escapes tours take you to some of the most famous carp fisheries France has to offer. We take care of the transportation, food, lake booking and all you need to do is just turn up and fish. These trips are not for the inexperience angler and we limit them to a maximum of two