Spain has long been a popular tourist destination for sun-loving Brits. Its spectacular coastline, fantastic beach resorts and welcoming locals, all combine to attract millions of tourist every year. For those seeking the more cultural side of Spain, there is plenty to offer. Small towns dot the countryside, their cobbled streets lined with beautiful old buildings. Spectacular medieval castles perched high on hilltops dominate the skyline. Countless olive trees and acres of vineyards, interspersed with orange, lemon and almond trees help create a patchwork landscape that almost feels like it has jumped right out of an oil painting.

In recent years Spain has developed a reputation for some of the best carp and catfish fishing anywhere in the world. In particular the River Ebro, which is best known for its abundance of monster catfish, both in Mequinenza and further up river in Caspe. 100lbs+ catfish and 50lbs+ carp are regularly caught and if you are lucky the catfish can go over the 200lbs mark. So if fishing for really big catfish and carp rocks your boat, you won’t find anywhere better to catch them than Spain, and most likely you will set a new personal record or even a world record.

Holidays in Spain

Ebro Monster Catfish Fishing Adventure

Ebro Monster Catfish

Enjoy a week on the banks of the river Ebro fighting monster catfish. Surrounded by what can only be described as scenery from a western film, with buzzards, eagles & vulture's circling overhead. The action is non-stop and our guide with be on hand 24/7 to help catch that all
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Ebro Catfish Break Fishing Adventure

Ebro Catfish Break

Enjoy a half week fishing tour along the banks of the River Ebro and playing hard fighting catfish. Surrounded by fabulous scenery reminiscent of a western film, with buzzards, eagles & vulture's circling overhead, the fishing is rod pumping fun and our expert guide will always be close by to
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